Members of CIDAMi encompass various people within the sector from aspiring individuals to professional institutions. In general, CIDAMi’s members consist of the following:

cacao nurseryCacao Nursery Operators

They are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the activities of the cacao nursery staff who propagate the plants. They act as overseers in the cacao planting activities.


cacao growerCacao Growers/Producers

They propagate and produce the plants for harvesting and processing. Cacao growers and producers range from small farmers to business owners.


cocoa processor Cocoa Processors

The persons/bodies responsible for processing the cacao to delicious chocolate. They consist of manufacturers and private corporations.


cocoa traderCocoa Traders/Exporters

Trading and exporting processed chocolate are their main function. Their line of work involves partnering with cocoa processors and business owners to increase marketability of the chocolate products.


input supplierInput Suppliers

They provide the necessary fertilizers for cacao planting and nutrient management of the crops.

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