Local Cacao Price

The Philippine Cacao Price is strongly reflective of the international price as presented in the infographic below.

upward trend of philippine cacao price

International Cacao Price
The global prices for cacao change almost every day. Click on the links below to keep track of real-time prices in the international market as provided by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO):

Part of CIDAMi’s vision is to provide transparency when it comes to knowledge related to cacao farming. To supplement this, CIDAMi wishes to help stakeholders become aware of recent advances of cacao and its market price in the global setting.

For more information regarding cacao’s estimated prices, please visit International Cocoa Organization (ICCO)’s website by clicking the image below:

The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) is one global organization that houses and monitors cocoa producing and consuming countries, delivering daily statistics and world market prices of cocoa. Because of the increasing demand for chocolate- foreign and domestic, ICCO collaborates with various international experts to come up with a mandate and comprise the world’s cocoa economy, housing along with it global market and information transparency on cocoa. This information is used by potential producers, consumers, businessmen, and large companies worldwide in their respective intentions.

Daily cacao prices by ICCO
Monthly average cacao prices by ICCO.

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