Vision, Mission, Goals

Our Vision

Philippines, a world renowned quality cocoa producer.
CIDAMi’s vision was primarily focused on enriching and promoting cacao in Mindanao, yet with the latest growth and expansion of the organization with its goals realized and more projects up and running, CIDAMI’s vision has reached nationwide status.

Mindanao is home to approximately 90% of the local cacao supply and therefore is at the forefront of bringing the Philippine Cacao to the global platform.

Our Mission
Bring positive environmental and socio-economic benefits to farmers, families, and communities from sustainably produced cocoa.
Learn about our development programs with our partners that benefit the lives of farmers and farmer cooperatives.

Our Goals

  • To enhance branding of Mindanao cacao
  • To collaborate and consolidate efforts of all cacao stakeholders
  • To promote sustainable cacao production based on international standards
  • To help improve the livelihood of farmers
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